Independent Forensic Expert in Switzerland

Nico Van der Beken

Long-standing experience assisting major law firms and corporations involved in criminal, civil, regulatory and internal investigations. Specialist knowledge in Investigations, Intelligence, Diligence, Digital Forensics, Data Analytics, e-Discovery and Cyber Response.

Forensic advice you can trust.

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Areas of expertise

M&A Due Diligence, Red Flag Reports, Compliance Insights, Partner Screening, Sanctions Diligence, Critical Appointments Screening, etc.

Country Risks, Political and Economical Risks, Compliance and Reputational Risks, Security Risks, Threat Intelligence, Scenarios Forecasting, Sector Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, Market Analysis, Integrity Analysis, etc.
Litigation Support, Asset Recovery, Collectability Assessments, Asset Tracing, Legitimate Pressure Points, Sovereign Enforcement, Cryptocurrency investigations, etc.
Identification, preservation, collection, preparation, review, presentation and production of electronically stored information (ESI) in connection with the preparation of legal proceedings, internal investigations, regulatory investigations, or disputes, etc.
Computer Forensics
Digital Forensic Analysis, Mobile Forensics, Forensic Data Analytics, etc.
Cyber Investigations
Investigations into hacking and phishing, corporate espionage, digital theft of money, etc.

Current Advisory Roles

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