Cognitive Flexibility

It's been a while since my last post, and I have to admit that it's still an uphill battle. While mindfulness and stoic principles have been helpful in some ways, I've come to realize that they're not a 100% solution for dealing with acute events of anxiety and PTSD triggers.

One of my biggest struggling points at the moment is the Reduced Cognitive Flexibility that comes with PTSD. When a trigger occurs, it's hard to respond in a way that's both reasonable and effective. It can be very frustrating to be in situations where you feel irritated for the smallest things and without an obvious reason, making only things worse.

I'm trying to increasingly push myself, but this often introduces more stress, which then has an adverse effect.

In early March, I'll be attending a 2-day conference, which gives me both a feeling of excitement and apprehension. It will be the first time since my cardiac arrest that I'll be 2 full days active...

Recovery seems not to be a linear process. There are setbacks and challenges along the way, but I know that this doesn't mean I should give up. We need to be kind and patient with ourselves and recognize that progress takes time.

To be continued...

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