Integrity Due Diligence + Strategic Intelligence + Dispute Resolution + ESG Assessments

Our decisions about who to partner with, what assets to acquire, which markets to enter, which clients to accept and how to resolve disputes have impacts. What Wallbrook does sits at the intersection of global business, politics and finance.


My collaboration with Wallbrook

During my tenure at Stroz Friedberg, I got to know an excellent team of intelligence & diligence professionals, most of them now with Wallbrook.

I have helped many businesses with their diligence needs and worked with and for various service providers in that space and today, I let my former clients, colleagues and friends benefit from that experience and can also help you selecting the best partner for your specific needs.


Wallbrook started off in 2007 as a due diligence consultancy known as Billiter. Many of Wallbrook’s founding Partners and Directors worked together at Billiter prior to the company’s sale to US investigations firm Stroz Friedberg in 2013.

They subsequently developed the Due Diligence & Strategic Research team of Stroz Friedberg into a group of over 80 professionals, and were part of the management team which oversaw the acquisition and integration of Stroz Friedberg into Aon Plc (NYSE: AON) in 2016.

It was during that time that I was a part of the team!

In 2018 the team spun out from Aon into Wallbrook. They place ethically gathered intelligence at the heart of their work. Their ethical credentials are underlined by the fact they are soon to become the first and only investigative firm globally to be a certified B-Corporation.


Wallbrook works with many of the world’s largest organisations in all sectors, across their five offices in Zurich, London, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong.


Wallbrook’s teams are integrated into their clients’ transaction process and have a unique understanding of the compliance risks of a wide variety of sectors. They deliver deal-driven intelligence that often flags issues which cut straight to the value of a transaction. Their reports and methodology, and the analysts that sit behind them, have withstood some of the most rigorous regulatory scrutiny.

Wallbrook’s analysts are organised around both regional and sector expertise, ensuring insight into corruption trends, identifying conflicts of interests or political influence, and understanding common offshore structures to unravel beneficial ownership or hidden control.

Added value

Wallbrook makes local knowledge globally accessible and operates in some of the world’s most challenging markets, with varying transparency. Wallbrook’s multilingual experts rapidly harness information from their on-the-ground global human source network, local corporate and court registries, media and proprietary databases to provide discreet insights to decision-makers around the world.

Beyond compliance.

To attract and retain the best investors, talent and customers, companies must look beyond mere compliance with international anti-corruption and money laundering legislation. With environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) increasingly in the spotlight, acting responsibly requires access to ethical, independent and objective intelligence.

Resolve disputes.

Information gaps in disputes hinder achieving justice and fair resolution. As independent intelligence gatherers, Wallbrook helps parties to litigation and creditors defend their rights by arming their counsel with reliable, timely intelligence

Ethically-sourced intelligence.

Whether screening prospective acquisition targets, clients, management teams and executive hires, unpacking partners’ beneficial ownership for sanctions and political exposure, understanding sector and country risks, tracing assets to win disputes and obtain restitution, or conducting ESG reviews and impact assessments, Wallbrook assists the world’s leading organisations in protecting their reputations.


Meet Wallbrook’s team and advisors like me.


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