Planning, building, maintaining, and securing mission-critical eDiscovery platforms.

Performant. Scalable. Cost-effective. Hassle-free.


George Jon enables scalable, performant and affordable discovery, governance and investigation platforms for users worldwide. Imagine your data, safely stored where you want it, performing 24/7/365 in a fully managed platform. We take highly complicated, mission-critical data and make it easier, less expensive, faster, and better. This drives bottom-line value and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business and make informed decisions while GJ runs the platform.

My collaboration with George Jon

I originally met and worked with George Jon as a client during my time at KPMG Switzerland. In 2018, I engaged the George Jon team to architect, build, deploy, run, and maintain my eDiscovery infrastructure. These days, the tables are turned, and I am sharing my vast EU eDiscovery market knowledge to help George Jon grow its global footprint and expand into new markets.

History of George Jon

Founded in Chicago in 1997, George Jon has grown from an aspirational IT startup to become the industry leader for mission-critical eDiscovery technology platforms. With decades of researching, developing and evolving industry-specific best practices while building and growing relationships with industry leaders, they’ve created a business that provides peace of mind while boosting bottom lines.

George Jon Clients

George Jon serves a wide variety of notable clients on six continents, including Big 4 accounting firms, AmLaw 200 law firms, Fortune 500 businesses, government agencies, multinational corporations, and premium service providers. They employ a global distribution network for quick, accurate deployments to any site, bolstered by decades of experience in navigating international laws, regulations, and customs.

Team George Jon

Employing the best and brightest minds in the eDiscovery realm, George Jon’s team of industry experts and thought leaders work behind the scenes to ensure successful outcomes. Exceptional service and customized, cost-effective solutions are what set GJ apart from the competition. They function as an extension of the client team, a trusted partner in solving problems and planning for long-term success.

George Jon Added-Value Benefits

George Jon is focused on one thing, and one thing only — building the most flexible, performant and trusted discovery, investigation, and governance platforms in the world. They are the ONLY industry provider offering a globally distributed, application-agnostic technology stack that delivers a scalable, multi-application, fully managed platform for every user type. They deliver successful outcomes by:

  • Developing, testing and perfecting technology in real-world and lab environments
  • Partnering with industry leaders to incorporate the best technologies
  • Designing and building physical, hybrid, and cloud environments that adhere to proven architectural standards
  • Employing the brightest minds and empowering team members to drive innovation
  • Delivering industry-leading, 24/7 proactive management and support
  • Building proven, time-tested best practices that have been adopted as industry standards
  • Offering advisory, on-demand, platform management, and security services that fine-tune every platform component

George Jon is the bonding agent that holds together every component and service needed to drive profits and performance. As a hybrid of business and technology solutions, they work with clients on everything from platform assessments and system architecture to data migrations, scaling, and managed services. They develop personalized roadmaps for success, procure platform elements, and ensure top-flight security every step of the way. Their turnkey solutions deliver confident, stress-free decision making and lasting success.


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